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Freiberg Instruments

Freiberg Instruments is one of the world's fast growing, young and dynamic analytical instrumentation companies with products covering a broad spectrum of applications in fields/industries like Dosimetry, Medical Research, Material Research, Electron Spin Resonance, Microelectronics, Photovoltaic, Thermoluminescence Dating, Optically Stimulated Luminescense , and X-ray diffraction.

Fast, contactless characterization of semiconductor key parameters

The family of MDP tools covers a wide range of applications from easy to integrate OEM units over high throughput, automated production tools to research and trouble shooting tools with a high flexibility always focused on the task which has to be solved. 



Mono- and Multi-crystalline wafer and brick lifetime measurement device for routine quality control, sophisticated material research and development.

Si | compound semiconductors | oxides | wide bandgap materials | perovskites | epitaxial layers 


[ CdTe | InP | ZnS | SiC | GaAs | GaN | Ge ]



- for ultra-fast crystal orientation and rocking curve measurements


The Omega/Theta X-ray diffractometer is a fully automated vertical three axes diffractometer for orientation determination for various crystals using Omega-Scan and Theta-Scan methods and rocking curve measurements. The large and spacious design can accomodate samples and sample holders up to 450 mm in length and up to 30 kg weight. 

All measurements are automated and can be accessed from the user-friendly software interface. Using the Omega Scan, the complete lattice orientation can be determined in on crystal rotation (5 seconds). The Theta Scan is more flexible, but results only in one orientation component per scan. 

The tilt angle can be determined with very high precision; up to 0.001° using the Theta Scan. For all other crystal directions the precision depends on the angular difference to the surface perpendicular. 

The system is modular and has been equipped with many different extensions for special purposes like shape or flat determination, mapping and diverse sample holders. The sample tilt is detected by an optical measurement, and can be used to correct the resulting orientation.



- For ultra-fast crystal orientation measurement using the Omega-scan method


The Desktop X-ray Diffractometer for Crystal Orientation Measurement (DDCOM) is an automated tool to determine the orientation of various crystals using the Omega-scan method.


  • Determination of the complete lattice orientation of single crystals

  • Ultra-fast crystal orientation measurement using the Omega-scan method

  • Determination of the arbitrary unknown orientation of cubic crystals

  • Designed especially for azimuthal setting and marking of lattice directions

  • Air cooled X-ray tube, no water cooling required

  • Appropriate for research and production quality control


lexsyg research imaging TL-OSL-RF system

the most advanced TL/OSL reader



Luminescence dating | Material research | Authenticity testing | Accident dosimetry | Radiation protection | Food irradiation | Solid state dosimetry | Bioluminescence and more



beta irradiator (90Sr/90Y) for exposure of myOSL dosimeter


myOSLirradiator is a beta irradiator (90Sr/90Y) for exposure of myOSL dosimeter used for individual calibration of myOSL dosimeters or frequent quality control of the myOSL reader system

Add ons

  • Compact irradiator for myOSL dosimeters

  • Software controlled to keep the data of exposures in myOSLstudio

  • Selectable movements/dose

  • Upgradeable with myOSL automatic feeder


myOSLraser (automatic feeder), myOSLstudio (operating software and database) 




most advanced OSL dosimetry reader

myOSLraser (automatic)

myOSLraser (reader+eraser) is a compact OSL reader for dose measurements in combination with our passive OSL dosimeter called myOSL.

State-of-art components, modern design and a user-friendly operating interface provide an excellent performance. myOSLraser is designed to read the dose of each dosimeter without erasing the complete signal. Remaining dose signal can be used for a second readout. Additionally it is possible to erase the myOSL dosimeter directly after the dose measurement if a second readout is not required and to apply each myOSL dosimeter immediately for a next wearing period. myOSLraser (automatic) has an automatic feeder to process up to 200 myOSL dosimeter per loading. Software: myOSLstudio



for checking irradiated food according to EN 13751:2009 standard


PSLfood - Photo Stimulated Luminescence reader

PSLfood is a newly developed PSL (OSL) reader for checking irradiated food according to EN 13751:2009 standard (Detection of irradiated food using photo stimulated luminescence). Compact design and newly developed software combines easy operation and excellent performance. 


  • Compact and portable

  • The PSLfood drawer is designed for a common petri dish with dimensions of 50 mm in diameter & 20 mm height.

  • The drawer tray and the protection glass can be easily removed for cleaning



Portable Spectrofluorimeter
for non-invasive analysis of cultural heritage artworks using LED sources 

Ancient paintings (murals, manusripts, polychromy, engravings, easel paintings) | Dyestuff | Binders


Features of LEDµSF

  • Portable and lightweight spectrofluorimeter

  • Contactless, non-invasive and non-destructive measurements

  • Modular design: exchangeable LEDs from 255 ... 623 nm according to the materials analyzed

  • Irradiation spot: ca. 1 mm

  • Adjustable power of LED

  • Remote triggering with the possibility to set integration time (adjustable from 3 μs … 600 s)

  • Database of reference spectra of pigments and binders

  • White LED for reflectance spectra

  • Camera and two red lasers for easy positioning and adjustment of the working distance (ca. 4 cm)

  • Recordable spectra from 190 ... 1100 nm with a resolution of 1.5 nm

  • Possibility to record background and white reference for the correction of reflectance measurements


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